Day Out With An Oldie – Nikon 80-200 f/4 AI-s

It was a nice crispy cold morning and I was on my way to Indra Design HQ when I decided have a quick stop at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden.

The reason : to test the Nikon 80-200 f/4 AI-s which I recently acquired.

I found that manual focusing using the led focus-confirm on the D7000 is not as quick as using the split screen focusing screen. Main reason being you have to take your eye off the target. I might have to change the default focusing screen on the D7000 to the split screen one.

First target was a squirrel which was sunbathing on a branch. (It was around 3.5 degrees C). The squirrel was about 30 foot away from me. I messed up a bit with the focusing point, where it was focusing a couple of inches in front of the squirrel.

I then moved to the pond (the only which was not frozen) to capture these images. The ducks and moorhens.